Ponds in the Private Nature Reserve at Nannerth Fawr Farm
The Treehouse Hide at Nannerth Country Holidays
Badger Feeding Beneath the Treehouse Hide at Nannerth
Badger Watching Records
The Nannerth Treehouse Hide
Wetlands at Nannerth Fawr Farm
The Treehouse Hide in Winter at Nannerth

Watch Badgers and other wildlife at Nannerth in Mid Wales. Badger watch in our purpose built treehouse and wildlife watch on our 200 acre farm which includes a private nature reserve.  Stay in the holiday cottages or camp at Nannerth Country Holidays and you can watch badgers and other wildlife just a few minutes from your accommodation.   Other visitors to Mid Wales can contact us and arrange a badger watching evening depending on availability.

The farm environment here at Nannerth Country Holidays has some ideal spots for large badger setts, and these have been in existence for many years. The largest of these is on the old riverbank of the Wye in a wooded conservation area. Up above the sett, we have built a glass and wooden treehouse in the branches of an ancient oak tree with a treewalk path for access. From the treehouse in the evenings, there are wonderful views of badgers as they play and feed. From the farmyard it is a short walk downhill across an ancient hay meadow. Guests staying in the self catering cottages at Nannerth can use the treehouse during their holiday and we use an informal booking system to ensure everyone has an opportunity for badger watching. Visitors not staying at Nannerth may book in small groups for any available nights. Please contact us for further information.

You may also be lucky enough to see water voles in the extensive wetland and pond areas where they have established a colony. Likewise otters live along the River Wye which borders Nannerth Fawr Farm and its tributary the Marteg. However both creatures are extremely shy and it takes luck and dedication to catch sight of them.

Wildlife cameras have been installed in various locations around the farm to capture badgers and watervole for live streaming and recording. We hope that those who have difficulty with walking on rough ground or slopes will still be able to see badgers and other wildlife on the farm via monitors in our resource room in the farmyard.



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