Flying birds by the Wye at Nannerth
Olivia the Barn Owl at Nannerth Country Holidays
Layla of Hawksdrift at Nannerth Country Holidays

Enjoy a falconry experience at Nannerth in Mid Wales. Handle and fly hawks with hands-on flexible falconry sessions on Nannerth Fawr Farm. It’s fun and very interesting AND you get to fly birds in the spectacular upper Wye Valley.  If you have an interest in the magnificent raptors which have worked alongside man for thousands of years, come and learn all about them with practical falconry sessions suitable for all ages and most levels of fitness. From 2 hours to all day, the sessions are designed to suit your needs.

Once you are confident with the birds, Layla or Mike of Hawksdrift Falconry will walk you around the meadows and hills at Nannerth Fawr Farm where you can send the birds off on long swooping flights, stoops and plunges as you walk the stunning paths across the farm and by the river Wye. The Falconry Experiences can be booked by contacting Hawksdrift Falconry on 07734 206413 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  To stay on the farm please contact Nannerth Country Holidays



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