Singing to the Lamb at Nannerth
Hens Like the Lambing Shed Too!
Getting Confident with Lambs at Nannerth
Cuddling Lambs at Nannerth Country Holidays
Bottle Feeding a Sucky Lamb at Nannerth
Big Hugs for Lambs at Nannerth
Tor Wen Lambs
Twin Lambs Up and About with their Mothers at Nannerth

Experience live lambing at Nannerth. At Nannerth Country Holidays, we plan our lambing to coincide with the Easter holidays so that families can experience real live farming at one of the most exciting times of the year, and can sometimes help with bottle feeding lambs.  Most of the ewes have their lambs quite naturally and unaided outside in the open pastures.  We keep a careful eye on the oldest, youngest and those expecting twins, so these groups are lambed indoors in the lambing shed where they are also fed extra when necessary.

Our holiday guests may come into the lambing shed and see the birth and bonding process when the ewes produce their lambs.  Early care of lambs can mean colostrum supplements, warming hypothermic lambs and helping lambs to suck from their mothers.  At Nannerth Country Holidays, all this can be seen at close quarters, with children under the close supervision of parents or other responsible adults.  Regular Easter visitors have been extremely helpful over the years and helped with the bottle feeding of orphan lambs and other lambing jobs.  Currently ‘lambing live’ is only available to our holiday cottage or camping guests and not to the general public.  Don’t forget, it is essential to observe good hygiene when touching farm animals and always wash after contact.  Pregnant women must stay well away from lambing ewes.



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